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Kathy Leu | Wholistic Health Care Coordinator

Kathy's passion for wholistic health and supporting people on their healthy lifestyle journey leads her very naturally to teaching groups about the Thrive! Components of Healing that help each person find their path to healing and wholeness.

Think Creatively

Examining and expanding the life of your mind is a foundation for whole being health! We will discover inspiration, motivation and healthy thought patterns for your journey.



Within the overall topic Thrive! Paths to Healing, Kathy offers a few variations for speaking engagements:

  • Sharing in depth about one of the six healing components

  • Providing an overview of all six healing components

  • Speaking in a six part series to cover all healing components in depth.

If you have a different or a more specific topic you'd like Kathy to speak about, feel free to let us know when you make a speaking request. 

Healing Components​

  • Think Creatively

  • Heal Stress

  • Revitalize Movement

  • Invest Relationally

  • Value Rest

  • Eat Nutritiously

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