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Need help living a healthy lifestyle?

You've come to the right coach.

Stuck trying to reach your life goals?

Hi, I'm Kathy

founder of Thrive! Integrated Healthcare

After a 30-year journey with chronic illness, I'm combining my background in nursing and passion for balanced health into a powerful new coaching role.


As your Wholistic Healthcare Coordinator, I help you make the journey to a thriving life. After getting to know you and your story, we will identify obstacles and clarify your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health goals. Together we will go through a series of sessions to reach your goals, with my life coaching and health coordinating skills at your service.


2017-renewed spirit-9.jpeg

 Abundant life is a gift! It is something that is attainable if we are willing to learn about it and then put into practice some important principles that pertain to one’s body, soul and spirit. As all three of these aspects of our lives are connected, each one affects the other. It is significant to consider all that makes up our total being in order to have health and wholeness, living a thriving life to the fullest!


— Kathy Leu

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