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Kathy Leu

Wholistic Health Coordinator



As a young nursing student, I left home in rural Wisconsin to work in private and university hospitals and public health. My career took me to incredible experiences abroad and I loved my work, but I began experiencing fatigue and insomnia. It grew so unmanageable that I returned to the U.S. where doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and eventually Fibromyalgia—and I was told simply to go home and rest, with no offered treatment.


My battle with chronic illness became a journey of discovery in naturopathic and wholistic healing. Doctors, nutritionists, counselors, chiropractic and massage therapists became my “health coaches” and I received spiritual support through prayer at my church. I was finally getting well—but a major health setback came suddenly, and in that difficult season my vision for Thrive! began to form. 


I wanted to serve people of all ages and health issues by facilitating their journey to wellness and flourishing lives. My compassion ignited for those who, like me had fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system.

Approach to Care


I have learned the importance of combining alternative health care with traditional medicine for my own health (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, insomnia, migraines, joint pain, digestive issues, etc.) and in the lives of those with similar challenges. In addition, I am part of ministries that offer prayer, including extended sessions for those in need of any type of spiritual and emotional healing. My vision has grown beyond just getting well. I have a passion to see people healed physically, emotionally and spiritually and to live balanced and thriving lives!


After 30 years of dealing with my chronic health struggles, I have learned what it means to overcome health issues and get well in body, soul and spirit. I can empathize with others who sense their lives are out of balance, but even more I  know first-hand the value of having someone care and walk alongside you. I care deeply for others to experience this healing and to become the whole and flourishing person they were made to be.


My purpose is to help each person in my care to evaluate health concerns, and life's stagnation and obstacles. I guide my clients to start on a path toward healing chronic health issues and illness, dealing with health crisis, seeking to establish healthy boundaries, reducing stress and living a healthier lifestyle. ​I complete an assessment to gather information about my client's health and lifestyle across all areas. Through a series of sessions, I help my clients organize a care plan with realistic goals and objectives for the client to achieve a thriving life one step at a time.


Ultimately, I believe you are responsible for your health and the choices you make to improve and maintain it. My role as Wholistic Health Coordinator and Coach is to provide insight, resources and support as we address areas of your health that often fall through the cracks in the healthcare system and the wellness industry. Once we've completed your health plan together, I offer my ongoing health counseling for implementation, continued support and evaluation. 


​Along with walking through her own health challenges, Kathy has her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Minnesota and her Master of Arts degree in Transcultural Community Nursing from Augsburg University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is certified as a Public Health Nurse, a Licensed School Nurse, and a certified International Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute (part of the International Coaching Federation).​

If you or anyone you know is stuck trying to reach life goals, needing help to life a healthy lifestyle, or unable to find healing for difficult health issues, make an appointment with Kathy today!

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