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40% off  12 Coaching Sessions - Through January 20

Kathy Leu 

Certified Health & Life Coach

Founder, Thrive! Integrated Healthcare, LLC.

2017-renewed spirit-9.jpeg
I'm excited to offer you an incredible opportunity:
12 Wholistic Health Coaching Sessions at 40% off, now through January 20, 2021!

Making space to focus on your personal health with a trusted coach is key to seeing your life to change.

After getting to know you and your story,
we will embark on a 12-session journey to:
  1. Discover and clarify your wholistic health goals. 

  2. Identify the stubborn obstacles in your way.

  3. Develop a practical plan for step-by-step progress toward your goals!

Every week I will listen to your needs and challenges,
teach you health insights, guide you in pursuing
your plan, and provide the expertise, encouragement
and support you need to meet your goals!

Get started today and join me for a free 45 minute consultation:

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